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The following bodies a. a ring b. a disc c. a solid cylinder d. a solid sphere of same mass 'm' and radius 'R' are allowed to roll down without slipping simultaneously from the top of the inclined plane. The body which will reach first at the bottom of the inclined plane is________.

[Mark the body as per their respective numbering given in the question]

Question Paper of JEE 2021 March 17th Shift 1 Physics

Answer: (4)

Acceleration of a body rolling down an inclined plane is,

\(\begin{array}{l}a = \frac{gsin\theta }{(1+\frac{I}{mR^{2}})}\end{array} \)

IR = mR2, aR = gsinθ/2

ID =mR2/2, aD = (⅔) g sin θ

ISC = mR2/2, asc = (⅔) g sin θ

ISS =(⅖)mR2, ass = (5/7) g sinθ

S = ut +(½) at2,

t = √2S/a

Therefore, t ∝ 1/√a For least time, a should be the highest

⇒ solid spheres will take minimum time.

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