What are the five types of energy?

Energy exists in many forms and they can be converted from one form to another. Although there are many types of energy such as gravitational energy, atomic energy and so on, there are only two major forms of energy known as potential energy and kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy is the energy in moving objects. Examples of kinetic energy include mechanical energy and electrical energy.

Potential energy is the energy stored in objects that can be used for future use. Examples of potential energy include chemical energy and nuclear energy.

Below we have discussed the five major types of energy:

  • Electrical Energy
  • The energy carried by moving electrons in a conductor is known as an electrical energy. The natural source of electrical energy is the lightning.

  • Chemical Energy
  • Chemical energy is the energy stored in the bonds of chemical compounds.

  • Mechanical Energy
  • Mechanical energy is the energy in an object due to its motion.

  • Thermal Energy
  • Thermal energy is the energy a substance or system has related to its temperature.

  • Nuclear Energy
  • The energy trapped inside each atom is known as a nuclear energy

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