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What is Hydrogen Sulphide Used for

Hydrogen sulphide is an extremely flammable, volatile gas, which if not properly treated, can trigger potentially life-threatening scenarios. Furthermore, hydrogen sulphide such as sulphur dioxide, burns and creates other toxic vapours and gases.

Hydrogen sulphide is commonly present in natural gas and crude petroleum. It is also generated by organic matter’s bacterial breakdown. By decomposing human and animal waste, hydrogen sulphide can be generated and is present in water treatment plants and livestock fields.

Hydrogen sulphide is used mainly in the manufacture of sulfuric acid and elemental sulphur. Manufacturers make goods such as fertiliser, leather, dyes and pharmaceuticals using sodium hydrosulfide, sodium sulphide and related inorganic sulphides. The actual bacteria in your mouth generate hydrogen sulphide. It is also created when bacteria in the intestines break down certain forms of proteins.

Hydrogen Sulphide

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