What is inside the electron?

From all the theories and the experiments done so far, the electron is a fundamental subatomic particle that cannot be further divided into other smaller elementary particles. As such, nothing is known so far about whether something is present inside an electron or not. However, many scientists and researchers have not given up just yet.

In recent developments, scientists seemed to have found some particles inside neutrons and protons. They have been termed quarks and leptons are reportedly found in protons and neutrons. They interact with the strong force. But again, there has been no evidence of anything more fundamental than this and no evidence has been found to confirm that electrons consist of either quarks and leptons.

All in all, for now, electrons can be treated as fundamental particles and that there is nothing smaller than the electron. They have no known components or substructures and are particles with negligible mass.

Meanwhile, the credit for discovering electrons goes to a British Physicist named J.J. Thompson.  He along with other physicists while conducting an experiment with the cathode ray tube revealed that cathode rays are charged particles. These particles were negatively charged and specifically named electrons.

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