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What is the lens of the eye?

What is the lens of the eye?. The answer to this question is that the lens is a biconvex, transparent structure present behind the iris of the eye. The function of the lens is to refract the light to be focused on the retina. The shape of the lens gets altered to change the focal length of the eye, thus allowing the eye to focus clearly on the objects at varying distances. The ability of the lens to adjust from far to near focus is called accommodation.


Let us understand “What is a biconvex lens?”.The optical lens is made of two spherical surfaces. If the spherical surfaces have bulged outwards it is called the biconvex lens. The biconvex lens comprises two convex lenses having the same radius of curvature. The convex lens converges the ray of light and focuses it at a point on the other side. This point is called the focus and the distance between the centre of the lens and the focus is called the focal length.

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