What is the main function of a capacitor

An electronic part that stores and releases electricity into a circuit is a capacitor. Without sending direct current, it often sends alternating current. A capacitor is an integral component of electrical equipment and is thus, almost always found in an electronic circuit.

The primary purpose of capacitors is to store electrostatic energy in an electric field and where possible, to supply this energy to the circuit. To prevent a dangerous failure of the circuit, they allow the AC to move but block the flow of DC.

When it is attached to its charging circuit, a capacitor can store electric energy. And it will dissipate the accumulated energy when it is removed from its charging circuit, so it can be used as a temporary battery. Energy storage is the most common application for capacitors. Additional applications include power conditioning, coupling or decoupling of signals, filtering of electrical noise and remote sensing. Capacitors are used in a wide variety of industries because of their diverse uses and have become an essential part of daily life.


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