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What is the meaning of polymer?

In this article, you can find what is the meaning of polymer. A polymer is a larger molecule that is formed by the combination of many smaller molecules of the same kind. They are made of long repeating chains of molecules. The word polymer means many parts. Silk, hair, PVC are examples of polymers. The process by which monomers join together and form polymers is called polymerisation.


Based on the source of availability, polymers are classified into three types. They are natural polymers, synthetic polymers and semi-synthetic polymers. Polymers which occur naturally are called natural polymers. Examples are protein, rubber and cellulose. Man-made polymers are called synthetic polymers. Eg: plastic. Polymers obtained from natural polymers undergo chemical modifications to form semi-synthetic polymers. Eg: Cellulose nitrate.


The following are some polymers and their monomers.

Polypropylene is made up of monomer propene. 

Bakelite is made up of monomer phenol and aldehyde. 

The monomer vinyl chloride is used to make the polymer PVC(Polyvinyl chloride).

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