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Which is the Example of Hexadentate Ligand

EDTA4- (ethylene diamine tetracetate ion) is a hexadentate ligand that can bind to the central metal ion by two nitrogen and four oxygen atoms. For most of the transition metals, EDTA4- forms very stable complexes. With most of the transition metals, this hexadentate ligand forms very stable complexes (usually octahedral structures). The two N atoms and the four negatively charged O atoms are the donor atoms in EDTA4-.

If the pH increases, EDTA salts are more soluble in water: the more EDTA is found in the salt form, the higher the pH of a water solution, and thus the greater the solubility of the room temperature. This can be accomplished by the incremental addition to the EDTA solution of a condensed sodium hydroxide solution.

The determination of water hardness by the EDTA process is one of the three primary methods for water hardness determination. EDTA stands for Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.

Hexadentate Ligand

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