JEE Mains 2015 – Paper Analysis

JEE main 2015 was conducted on April 4th 2015 and the mode of examination was pen and paper-based. JEE exam has to be cleared to get admissions for B.E and B.Tech courses in top colleges like IIT, NIT etc. Our experts at Byju’s have done a detailed analysis of JEE main 2015.

The rating of different sections is as follows

· Physics section was the toughest. Out of 30 questions, 25 were numerical based and students consumed a lot of time to solve the questions and as a result, completion of the section was not possible.

· Chemistry was the easiest. Most of the questions were fact-based and for students who are good with Basics, this section was a cake walk.

· Mathematics was easy but was very lengthy.

Detailed Analysis of JEE Main 2015

Below is the detailed analysis of JEE 2015 showing topic wise weightage and distribution of marks.

PHYSICS 13 52 17 68
CHEMISTRY 14 56 16 64
MATHEMATICS 15 60 15 60

The number of questions asked from 11th-grade syllabus was 48 and from 12th-grade syllabus was 52, hence 53% of questions were from 12th and 47% were from 11th.

.JEE Main 2015 Paper Analysis

Topic-wise Distribution For JEE Main 2015 Physics Section

The maximum weightage was given to Mechanics and the least was given to SD, EMW and POC

.JEE Main 2015 Paper Analysis

Topic-wise Distribution For JEE Main 2015 Chemistry Section

Equal weightage was given to all the topics

.JEE Main 2015 Paper Analysis

Topic-wise Distribution For JEE Main 2015 Mathematics Section

Highest weightage was given to Coordinate and Conics and least was given to Quadratic complex

.JEE Main 2015 Paper Analysis

Overall, our experts at Byju’s rank the difficulty level to be ‘moderate’. Our candidates were able to manage time efficiently and scored well due to our exclusive coaching method which involves short-cut techniques.

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