National Science Olympiad – NSO Preparation Tips

NSO Preparation Tips

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), conducts NSO  is one of the most common talent search olympiad organized in India and abroad. Thousands of students, studying in various grades, take this examination to prove their mettle and become a part of the prodigious crowd. In this article, we will discuss various tips to optimize your preparation for NSO.

Preparation Tips for NSO:

  • Cover NCERT thoroughly: Read your NCERT textbook and make a note of important concepts dealt in each of the chapters and practice several questions on these topics from the reference books you have. Follow reference books but don’t often switch from one book to the other as it might affect your preparation. Ultimately solving a book is important.
  • Get your basics clear: Make your concepts crystal clear to yourself. Give the topics time it demands. How much you have studied is more important than how many hours you have studied. Seek help from your teachers, mentors, friends to through your basics and clear your doubts.
  • Make proper notes: For easy learning and revision chits, make short notes and tricks for each chapter. Making notes in your language is very useful and hard to forget.
  • Utilize the resources: Practice previous years question papers and sample papers and take online mock tests. This will help you to acquire the skill of time management and it will finally help you in optimizing your performance. Get in touch with our mentors at Byju’s for expert guidance.
  • Be confident: Do not follow someone’s path blindly; make your moves as every person has a different way of doing things. Learn the concepts of each subject well in advance and be confident. It will help you to approach your goal with a positive attitude.
  • Do not lose sight of your goal: One of the major issues that the students face is losing sight of the goal. High adrenaline exams like NSO demand perseverance, hard work, and dedication throughout the preparation phase. Find methods to keep you motivated continuously.

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