Actions Speak Louder than Words Essay


One can only wonder at the long list of interesting and thought-provoking proverbs present in the English language. Though the words may look simple, the meaning they hold is very deep. It might be hard for children to understand the inherent meaning of the proverb in one go. But as they age, they will be able to interpret the proverb in multiple ways. Actions speak louder than words is such a proverb that has profound teaching.

It would be easy to train young kids on proverbs, especially through this action speaks louder than words essay story. There is no better way to make kids realise the importance of doing something they believe in than through this impactful proverb.

Essay on Actions Speak Louder than Words

We might have come across many people in life who claim to do big things and reach new heights. Mighty words come from their mouth, and it would be surprising if nobody falls for them. But have you wondered how far they have kept their word or actually did things that they said they would do? And when they fail to accomplish something that they have said, we gradually lose trust in them, and we start believing that they are not people of their word. This short essay on action speaks louder than words exactly states this matter through wit and thought.

Let us consider the example of a political leader who is visiting houses and making promises to people that he will make sanctions for tarring the road once he is elected. It is easier said than done, but our duty does not end with what we say. Once we vote for that political leader and he rises to power, his words remain as mere words, and he would take no action to repair the roads. Is there any chance that people would vote for him again in the next term if he did not act upon his words and promises?

People who are wise and are willing to work hard would never show themselves off through words; instead, they would act upon their plans and desires to turn them to fruition. In doing so, others would tend to have faith in the person, and mutual respect starts developing between them. It is possible for anyone to make big decisions, but only a few would strive to achieve them. Thus, people start believing in you when you are capable of adhering to your words and actions.

Significance of Action over Words

When others see that you have the potential to do what you said, greater opportunities and responsibilities will come your way. On the contrary, if you promise to do something but eventually fail to keep the word, people begin expecting less from you, and hence, you would be given not-so-important tasks. You would also be mocked by others, and this constant rejection could land you in trouble. Action speaks louder than words essay story thus highlights the importance of giving value to what you have spoken through actions and efforts. You can easily download this essay from BYJU’s to help children understand the meaning of this proverb.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of ‘actions speak louder than words?’

The proverb implies that we must be careful of choosing our words. If we say that we will do something for people, show them that you can do it through your actions. And if you do not think you are capable of doing something, stop yourself from saying that you will do it because people will look down upon you if you say that you can and yet do not do it.

Give an example of ‘actions speak louder than words.’

A student who shows through his action of studying and reading daily is far better than the one who says that he will emerge among the top 3 of the class for examination without any preparation.

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