Animal Rights Essay


How many of us would have thrown stones at stray dogs even if they did not harm us? Have you tied up your cattle in its shed or kept a parrot in a cage, simply because you want them as a pet? How would you feel if someone did such actions to you? You wouldn’t think it as fair, right? Similarly, even animals do not deserve such treatment, and they have every right to live freely in this world, just like us. The animal rights essay will voice these concerns lightly.

Animal rights aim to give animals basic rights to survive and prevent their exploitation by humans. By showing kindness to animals and valuing their lives through these rights, we are teaching our children a great lesson. The animal rights short essay will help your kids to understand why animals need to be protected and treated in the same way as we treat others.

Importance of Animal Rights

We cannot imagine a day without having chicken or fish for our meals. We also look for quality leather when buying shoes, bags or wallets. And have we not seen lions, monkeys, and elephants entertaining us on circus grounds? Animals, in one form or another, are exploited endlessly for our needs. This is because we think that we are superior beings and we have the ultimate power to decide how this world runs. As a result, we believe that animals are for our consumption, and we can do whatever we need with them.

We can see how this thought is not right in this short essay on animal rights. Just like us, animals are also created by God, and this gives us no right to treat them as inferior to us. If we feel pain when someone beats us, so do they, and if we suffer at the hands of cruel people, so do they by ours. For finding a cure for a disease, how often do we subject these creatures to extreme pain and violence? Even though they cannot show their feelings or talk about their sufferings, we must be considerate towards them. Besides, most animals have become endangered due to their killing, and thus, animal rights are essential to stop the cruelty towards them.

Animal Rights in India

We depend on animals for food, clothing, medicine and entertainment. Although there are many animal lovers in the country, who stand up for their rights, there are some who treat animals badly. Considering this, the Government of India has put forth many reforms to protect animals. With the implementation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, there has been a considerable reduction in cruelty towards animals. Moreover, an organisation called PETA (People for the Ethical Treatments for Animals) India was formed to ensure animal welfare. There are also many other organisations and pet care homes started by activists, which aim to shelter stray animals and provide care for them.

The animal rights essay emphasises that animals should not be looked down upon because they walk or talk differently from us. They are also living beings, and we must give them basic rights to survive in this world. Remember that it is easy to ignore an injured puppy, but it takes a certain sense of responsibility to tend to its injuries or give it to a shelter home. Let us make our children aware of human rights and other social concerns through exciting essays from BYJU’S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are animal rights?

Animal rights are defined as the rights of the animals to live freely, without being bothered about human exploitation or abuse. They must have the right to live as they wish, and it challenges the view that animals exist solely for human consumption.

How are animals exploited by us?

We exploit animals in many ways. We raise cattle and later kill them for food. Animals are also hunted and killed for clothing and sport. Besides, they are tortured in labs for experimentation, as well as presented to us for entertainment in a circus.

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