Apple Tree Essay


Apple is a healthy fruit that has a sweet taste. Apple is consumed by the majority of people around the world. Apple is considered as a versatile fruit as it can be used in many forms and also used in many dishes. The apple tree essay provides knowledge about the apple fruit and its benefits to children.

Characteristics of Apple Tree

Apple is a red coloured fruit. The apple tree is deciduous in nature. A normal apple tree grows about 6 to 12 feet tall. On the other hand, the wild trees vary upto 39 feet tall. The apple tree originated for the first time in Central Asia. The apple tree varies in size according to the region it is grown. There are huge varieties of apples, approximately around 7500 varieties.

Apples offer many health and nutritional benefits. They are rich in fibre and antioxidants. As apple is soluble in nature, it helps in preventing the body from cardiac diseases. Further, health issues like asthma, anaemia and other problems can also be cured through this fruit. Constipation problems can also be cured as apple has fibre content. The prebiotic effects provide healthy bacteria which prevent cancer and help in the growth of bones.

Frequently Asked Questions on Apple Tree Essay

What vitamins are in apples?

Apples consist of high amounts of vitamin C. It is a powerful natural antioxidant that can assist in boosting your body’s resistance to both infectious agents and damage caused by free radicals. Also, apples contain B-complex vitamins, vitamin K, vitamin E etc. For every consumption of an apple, a healthy dose of all these vitamins is given to the body.

What are the uses of an apple?

Apples are used to reduce diarrhoea or constipation; and aid in softening, passage, and collection of gallstones. They also play a major role in preventing cancer, especially lung cancer. Apple helps in curing other problems such as treating diabetes, dysentery, fever, heart problems, warts, and a vitamin C-deficiency condition called scurvy.

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