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As people, we have an opinion about everything that is happening around us. If someone asks you which is the best place to visit in India, you will probably tell from your experience of travelling about a place. But, an argumentative essay takes a different approach in researching and collecting facts from various sources to establish that a particular place in India is worth visiting, rather than concluding that such and such place is good, simply because you have been there.

To write an argumentative essay, students choose a topic or take a controversial issue, and support their views with evidence to clearly state their point. The success of the essay lies in the fact that the writer must be able to convince the readers with their argument. We can teach our children how to write an argumentative essay through some examples.

Importance of Argumentative Essay

Making kids write argumentative essays is an excellent way to develop their research and writing skills. As teachers give them small assignments to write about a topic, children will get a wider perspective of it, and they will be able to form their opinions. Along with improving their various skills, children will be encouraged to think critically by helping them to practise writing argumentative essays. They can also influence their peers through their ideas and clear the prejudices they may have about a particular topic or issue. By giving them simple argumentative essay examples, we can train our children to write essays on their own.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

Like any essay, an argumentative essay also follows a five-paragraph structure; but there are no rules to adhere to it. Usually, the first paragraph will be an introduction to your essay, where you will be giving a basic idea about the topic and what point you are trying to prove. The subsequent three paragraphs will be the main body of your essay, where you will support your argument with logical points and valid information. If there are any opposing ideas to your claim, you will also be addressing them with evidence. These paragraphs must be organised in such a way that one idea is presented in each paragraph. You will conclude your essay in the fifth paragraph, where you summarise your points to claim that the argument you have presented is accurate.

Now that you have understood what an argumentative essay is; let us see how to write one by choosing perfect argumentative essay topics. First of all, pick a topic that you are already familiar with instead of going for a broad or general one, as it may take pages to substantiate your point in the essay. We must remember that the readers must feel compelled to believe your justification after reading the essay. Hence, your essay should have ample evidence to support your argument, and it must be clearly written. To discover more about such essays, stories or poems for kids, head to the kids learning section on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the topics for argumentative essays?

Some of the topics for argumentative essays can be from the areas of science, technology, and politics. Young kids are usually given persuasive essays like ‘Is it good for children to use the internet?’ or ‘Is a student life challenging?’.

How to write a good argumentative essay?

The secret to writing a perfect argumentative essay lies in choosing the right topic. Children must be able to have a strong view regarding the topic so that they can write it effectively with facts and examples.

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