Artificial Intelligence Essay

In this developing world, we tend to rely on artificial intelligence for performing various tasks. It is a common sight now in our homes, ‘Alexa, play my favourite music’ or ‘Alexa, please switch off the lights.’ If our one command could get our work done, imagine how artificial intelligence would influence us in the coming years.

By keeping this in mind, this artificial intelligence essay PDF would be helpful for young kids to understand artificial intelligence and its varied uses in our daily lives. This can act as a guide for those children who are planning to partake in artificial intelligence essay writing or speech.

Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence was a difficult term for me, and I had no clue as to what it meant before using my father’s phone. I was an avid fan of my father’s iPhone as there were many games on it. He used to give the phone to me to play for some time, and there were also times when I used to take it without his permission. But I was never able to unlock his phone as it was protected with his face ID. At that time, I was not aware that face recognition is a feature of artificial intelligence.

I found that there is an in-built system in phones that captures our image and identifies the person accurately. This ability to store and memorise facts and information is a feature of humans. But when machines become intelligent and capable of doing human tasks quickly with zero error, we call it artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the latest technology that has its application in diverse fields and industries. By implementing AI in business, companies could automate several complex human tasks as well as understand the requirements of their customers. While in healthcare, AI can be used to predict diseases in patients by analysing their history and symptoms. It would be impossible for human intelligence alone to process all the information about patients and keep tabs on their health. Through artificial intelligence, we could attain a faster diagnosis.

Likewise, artificial intelligence has found its use in manufacturing, agriculture, automotive and finance. It is going to be the backbone of our living, and there would come a time when we would become hugely dependent on artificial intelligence to carry out simple activities.

Moral of the Essay

Artificial intelligence is an exciting concept that will change the way we live and work in the future. Even though we can experience the influence of artificial intelligence to some extent through computers, there is a greater world beyond what we see. This short essay on artificial intelligence shows how artificial intelligence influences our lives and makes our lives smooth.


What do you mean by artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence held by machines, where the machines could think and resolve problems like humans. As machines are endowed with human intelligence, many complex and repetitive tasks done by humans could be easily and efficiently accomplished through artificial intelligence.

How does artificial intelligence make our lives easier?

Home assistants like Alexa work on the principle of artificial intelligence, and with a simple command, they cater to our needs. There are also many smart devices where we can control the temperature, lighting etc., from our seats. Besides, self-driving cars are emerging which do not require humans to drive.

Is artificial intelligence dangerous?

Even though artificial intelligence creates so many benefits for humans, we cannot neglect the fact that it could be dangerous to humans if they become more intelligent than us and start dominating our lives. Since artificial intelligence is continuing to affect us positively, we must take care to limit its usage to enjoy its benefits effectively.

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