Causes of Environmental Pollution Essay

The environment is defined as the surroundings present around the living beings. The environment is composed of air, water, land, etc. The environment should be maintained in balanced conditions to have a safe and healthy life. Variation in the cleanliness levels in the surroundings is termed as pollution. Pollution can be of various forms such as: air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, etc. In order to have a safe environment, all these should be maintained at the required levels.

Different Types of Pollution

Air pollution

The air pollution is caused due to the poisonous gases released from the industries, also the smoke released from vehicles. As the population increased, the usage of vehicles also increased, resulting in air pollution. Gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide are emitted with this smoke.

Water pollution

Water pollution is caused due to the industries as they send the sewage materials into the nearby water sources like rivers, canals etc. The water becomes toxic due to the mixing of these materials. The usage of excessive amounts of fertilisers or pesticides in agricultural processes also creates water pollution.

Soil or Land Pollution

The deposition of solid waste, accumulation of biodegradable material, deposition of chemicals with poisonous chemical compositions, etc., on the open land, results in soil pollution. Soil pollution results in several diseases in man and animals like Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid, etc.

Harmful Effects of Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution affects the living beings in various ways. Environmental issues such as smog are formed due to the mix up of toxic gases in the fog. Buried bodies degrade after a certain period creating an issue for soil and water as these degraded particles mix with fresh soil and water.

Environmental pollution also affects the food intake as the food particles get infected due to the pollution, which in turn affects the living organisms.

Minimising Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution can be minimised by following three methods in our everyday life. They are: Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.

Products that are manufactured for everyday usage should be designed to be recycled so that it does not take years to degrade. People should inculcate a habit of reusing items rather than throwing them after every usage, which decreases the wastage that results in reducing environmental pollution.


What are the preventive measures that should be taken to save our environment?

Environmental pollution can be decreased by reducing the usage of own vehicles, planting more trees to minimise smog formation, authorising strict rules to stop the release of industrial waste into natural resources etc.

What are the main sources of soil pollution?

The main sources of soil pollution are:

  • Industrial waste
  • Commercial and domestic waste
  • Chemical fertilisers
  • Biomedical waste

What are the causes of the environmental changes?

Environmental changes occur due to various factors such as economic growth, population growth, urbanisation, intensification of agriculture, rising energy use and transportation. The root cause for various environmental problems is due to poverty.

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