Descriptive Essay

A description is used to explain something in a detailed manner. A description is made by using the five senses like touch, smell, hearing, taste, and hearing. The descriptive essay can be explained using examples and should be made in a realistic manner. A descriptive essay should always include complete details about the thing which is being described. Proper narration should be followed throughout the essay. Descriptive essays help the children to be creative while explaining about a subject. It brings out the narrative angle in children.

Things to Include in Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay should include the following sections:

  • The main part of a descriptive essay is the introduction. It should grab the attention of readers. It is possible by using catchy words in the initial section. This section should not be lengthy but provide the complete gist of the essay.
  • The second section should be the body. It must be explained in a descriptive manner by using examples and images. It catches the reader’s senses about the topic.
  • In the last section, the essay must be completed by concluding about the topic. This section should be precise and short.

Pointers for Writing a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay should always start with a proper description of the topic. As an example, let us talk about a flower. The Flower essay should initially include about the flower and its appearance. Descriptive words should be used while explaining about the flower. The body of the essay must contain details of flower origin, its germination process etc. The essay should conclude with the importance of flowers and their importance to mankind.

In a few descriptive essays, writers can also mention their view about the topic and provide any suggestions which will help the reader to think on their part about it.


What are the 5 elements of descriptive writing?

Descriptive writing consists of elements such as sensory details, figurative language, dominant impression, precise language, and careful organization.

What is the key to writing a descriptive essay?

The descriptive essay should focus on the object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc. It enhances the student’s ability to create a written account of a particular experience.

What is the backbone of descriptive writing?

The pointers such as adjectives, comparisons, imagery are all useful when writing a descriptive essay.

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