Digital India Essay


The Digital India programme was started in India with an aim to digitalise the country and make the country be advanced in every sector. The programme was launched in 2015. The programme aims to provide government services to people living in remote areas. It is quite a challenge to analyse developments in remote areas without proper technology support. Hence, the digital india movement was started to provide for the needs of every citizen of India. Digital India Essay enables children to learn about the current situation in India and the need for improvements for making the country develop.

Digital India Mission

In the urban areas, with the availability of technology, people are leading a comfortable life and are improving their lifestyles. Digitalisation is also required in rural areas to be connected to others easily. The government introduced a network called Bharat Broadband Network Limited, especially in rural areas. The main purpose of this network is to provide high-speed internet to 2,50,500 gram panchayats in the country. The government aims to install 4,00,000 internet points across the country, to help people in these areas to access the internet and avail the facilities.

The major challenge faced by the government is the delivery of the digitalisation campaign to every part of the country. The government also aims to provide their services through a digital medium, as it reduces the usage of paper. It also helps the government to eliminate illegal activities due to red-tapism.

In order to achieve the Digital India mission, people need to be aware of the usage and benefits of digitalisation. Hence, the government should focus more on digital literacy. Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones should be provided to rural areas for promoting digital literacy. It is estimated that the mission of digital literacy will cover over six crore rural households. The short essay on Digital India is important for children to understand the importance of the usage of digital platforms for the betterment of society.

Objectives of Digital India

Digital India mission aims to improve digitalisation and achieve success for the country. The requirements are:

Broadband Highways, Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity, Public Interest Access Programme, E-Governance, E-Kranti, Global Information, Electronics manufacturing, Training in Information Technology for jobs, Early Harvest Programmes.

Achievements of Digital India Mission

Availability of mobile applications and digital products in remote areas and cities. Implementation of website for accessing government forums and schemes for the public.

Provides applications such as UMANG, Agri Mart, BHIM, e-Hospital and e-Pathshala, that are accessible on any digital device for educational, agricultural, financial, medical and other governing purposes.

Benefits of Digital India

Increase in the literacy rate and availability of medical facilities in remote areas. Using digital government-related forums helps in reducing illegal activities.

This helps the government to reach the maximum number of people and, at the same time, resolve their issues. It has also helped people during the pandemic, as most of the activities are now available in digital format. Kid’s learning about digital India will benefit everyone in improving their knowledge and being successful in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Digital India?

The main aim of Digital India is to transform and make the country digitally empowered and provide everyone with a comfortable lifestyle. E-governance started in the mid-1990s to provide citizen-centric services.

How Digital India helps students?

One of the purposes of Digital India is to improve the education system in India. This helps in increasing the literacy rate. It also helps students to learn through online platforms.

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