Double Digit Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

Here, we have provided double digit addition worksheets for Grade 1 kids. Double digit addition refers to adding two 2-digit numbers mentally starting from 10 to 99. The result of adding two-digit numbers may either be a two or three-digit number.

By performing double digit addition sums, children learn to use blocks of tens and ones for addition problems. Such Math addition worksheets for Grade 1 students is highly recommended.

When adding two-digit numbers in Class 1 Maths, children tend to look at the ones and decide if they can regroup them for a ten. This helps kids to think of numbers in terms of both ones and tens instead of just ones. Young learners can refer to and download simple double digit addition worksheets PDF given below.

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Double digit addition (sums upto 30):

Double digit addition (Sums upto 30)-1

Download Double-Digit Addition Worksheet 1 (Sums up to 30)


Double digit addition (Sums upto 30)-2

Download Double-Digit Addition Worksheet 2 (Sums up to 30)


Double digit addition (Sums upto 30)-3

Download Double-Digit Addition Worksheet 3 (Sums up to 30)


Double digit addition (Sums upto 30)-4

Download Double-Digit Addition Worksheet 4 (Sums up to 30)


Double digit addition (Sums upto 30)-5

Download Double-Digit Addition Worksheet 5 (Sums up to 30)


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