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Animals are various organisms that serve humans in different ways. People look after them as their pets, and some consider them as family members. Animals vary in size, shape, and behaviour. Every animal has its importance and is responsible for maintaining the balance in the ecosystem.

The only characteristics that differentiate animals from humans are that they do not have the ability to express themselves through speech and cannot think according to the situations. Animals tend to adapt themselves to the place and be there for their entire life. Essay on animals for kids helps students to know clearly about animal behaviour and other features. It also motivates students to show care towards animals and raise them as pets.

Characteristics of Animals

Based on the behaviour and certain body features, the animals are classified into domestic and wild animals. In general, every animal is prone to wild atmospheres; they have been domesticated either by themselves or by humans. Hence, some animals are known as domestic animals. The main purpose of domestication is food and protection.

Domestic animals have a different body structure; for instance, their teeth are not sharp when compared to wild animals. Their behaviour is toned in a soft manner without being ferocious. For example, dogs are tamed for being soft by their masters and safeguarding the place from strangers. Elephants are domesticated by some people for transporting both humans and goods. On the other hand, wild elephants behave ferociously and are generally seen in groups known as herds.

Wild animals have crude behaviour and are not seen in the places where humans live. Their habitat is the forest, where they wander around for food and water. They search for their prey and also protect themselves from predators. The teeth of some wild animals are sharp, as they live on by hunting other animals. These sharp teeth are used for tearing the flesh of animals. Examples of wild animals with sharp teeth are lion, tiger, fox etc.

Types of Animals

Animals survive on air, land, and water. The only group of animals that survive on both land and water are called amphibians. Mammals are the only group of animals that give birth to their offspring instead of laying eggs. Birds travel through the air, from one place to another with their wings, and live in nests for survival. Insects are another group of animals with mostly six legs or more.

Importance of Animals

The presence of animals creates a balance in the ecosystem. Animals have been used for a long time by humans for various purposes like food, transport and security. Some animals are also used for agriculture. Animals are helpful in detecting any attacks from humans or other animals. They communicate with each other in a peculiar way and protect each other when in need.


Animals are important to the survival of other living beings in the environment. They serve humans for food, protection and livelihood purposes. Hence, it is necessary for humans to protect the animals and conserve their population from extinction. Kid’s learning about essay on animals for kids helps them to have a clear picture of animals and their needs on the earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are animals used as companions?

Animals are used as companions by humans, as they are loyal to their masters and show the purest form of care and love. They create a great impact on human life. Hence, the animals are domesticated

Why are animals important?

Animals, both large and small, are critical components of our environment. Domesticated animals, such as livestock, provide us with food, fibre and leather.

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