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Birds are living creatures that are small in structure with distinctive sounds. Every bird has its own special features, even though they have a common structure. Birds fly to move from one place to another by using wings. The essay on birds is important for children to know about birds and their lifestyle in detail. BYJU’S provides a clear demonstration essay on birds.

Characteristics of Birds

Birds have some special features which make them different from other living beings. They are:

Birds have beaks which they mainly use for food intake. Some birds like woodpeckers use it for making their home in the trunk of a tree. Other purposes of beak include prey catching, building nests, feeding young ones and safeguarding their eggs.

The body of a bird includes a beak, legs, feathers and wings. The feathers cover the entire body and protect them from harsh weather. Birds lay eggs to produce offspring, and few of them are consumed by humans and other living beings.

Male birds are responsible for building nests to attract female birds for mating. Among all the birds, the eagle is known for flying at high altitudes and its sharp eye focus for catching its prey. Few birds migrate to far distances in a particular season for their survival and give a pleasant view for people.

Role of Birds in Ecosystem

Birds play a vital role in balancing the ecosystem. They play an important role in controlling pests, dispersing seeds, pollinating flowers etc.

Peacocks are known for their beautiful appearance, and they are the embodiment of rain and good weather. The birds are closely related to the environment and react immediately to any slight variations in the atmosphere. Birds also communicate with other birds for homecoming during dusk, and they also give signals to other birds in distress.

Few birds feed on the organisms present on other living creatures that help both equally. For example, a bird sits on a buffalo and feeds for itself, this makes the tiny organisms present on the buffalo get removed, and the food is provided to the bird.


Birds are tiny creatures that provide immense pleasure for human beings and are present worldwide in various forms. Birds are known for their beauty, courage, and distinct features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Name a bird that cannot fly.

Emu is considered a flightless bird. Due to the presence of soft and weak feathers, it cannot fly. On the other hand, large legs make it easier for the bird to run long distances when required.

Name the bird that cannot walk?

Loons and Grebes are birds that cannot walk due to the presence of legs in a backward direction, but these legs are helpful to swim in the water.

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