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On this earth, there are various organisms that live and use air, water, and land as mediums for survival. Animals depend on each other for protection and food, which helps them maintain the balance in the ecosystem. Let us now discuss the tiny creature butterfly. The butterfly essay demonstrates the life cycle of a butterfly and its contribution to the ecosystem. Children can easily learn about the butterfly’s life cycle and explain it to others.

According to the scientific classification of living organisms, butterflies are classified under the class of Lepidoptera, which includes moths and skippers. Butterflies are tiny, beautiful creatures that have small, uniform patterns all over its body. Butterflies are seen in various sizes and appear in beautiful colours.

Features of a Butterfly

A butterfly is a winged insect that flies around for its survival. It has 6 legs and an antenna joined to its small body. The antennas are used for detecting food substances and any changes in the temperature. Its body is divided into head, abdomen and tail. Butterflies lay eggs to produce offspring. These eggs are laid on the lower side of the leaves. The body temperature of a butterfly starts from 29°C. It flies around and sucks nectar from flowers for its survival. Butterflies are seen all over the world, except in Antarctica. Thousands of butterflies are seen all over the world, and among these, fifteen thousand species of butterflies are found in India.

Butterflies move around various flowers that are present on trees to take nectar; during this process, the pollen grains of the flowers get attached to the butterflies and are carried to other flowers. Through this, the butterflies help in pollination, which results in the growth and the flower cycle in plants. A butterfly can fly up to 10 to 22km per hour. They generally stay in lush green areas and are found on top of flowers and leaves.

Interesting Facts about Butterfly

Butterflies vary in colours and shapes. There are different varieties of butterflies with vibrant colours. The colours are very pleasant to watch, and these are mainly used for pollination purposes. The pollen helps with the flower germination process. Butterflies are mainly seen in areas with diverse flowers, as they play a major role in germination of flowers and act as a natural pest control. Because of its attractive colour, people are fond of watching butterflies. Kids learning about butterflies are an important part of the food chain, as these are the source of food for birds, bats, and other animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the beauty of butterflies?

Butterflies are self-propelled organisms that are pleasant to watch, as they are in various forms and colours. These features make them look beautiful. The butterflies are harmless creatures, and everyone likes observing them.

What is the importance of butterflies?

A butterfly’s beauty is like a flower, displaying attraction wherever it flies.

Butterflies are the main pollinators of many agricultural crops and plants. Additionally, their ecological function is also a food source for their predators, like birds, spiders, lizards and other animals.

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