Essay on Election

The election is a procedure by which citizens choose their representatives to govern the country. The election is conducted in various stages like school, college, and mainly in politics. The essay on election is recommended for children as it gives detailed information about the election process and its importance.

Election Process

In general, the election is governance of the people, by the people, and for the people. The first step of the election process is to check for the right to vote and look for the right candidate to elect. Nomination is the basic part of election as it refers to the selection of candidature. The election process involves advertising about the candidate setting up a date for the election by the officials.

People who have crossed the age of 18 years are eligible to vote. Voting can be done irrespective of age, gender, caste, and economic status. It is important for everyone to vote as it decides the correct person being elected for forming the government.

Every citizen of India has the right to contest for being the representative of an area. The minimum age for contesting in Lok Sabha or assembly elections is 25 years.

On the day of the election, officials assign a team to conduct the elections, and strict regulations are followed throughout the day. High security is maintained in the premises to avoid any disturbances such as vote tampering, illegal practices, etc. Once the election is completed, the vote boxes are collected from all the centres and submitted to one area, and the counting is done. The person with the highest number of votes is elected to govern the place.

Importance of Election

Election, in simple words, is selecting a candidate and assigning the responsibility of a place. The election is performed in school for electing school head and representatives, in college for college union chairman/president and in the society for the Chief Minister to govern the particular state. The system of election is introduced in schools and colleges to imbibe a sense of responsibility to children. It helps the children to understand the various aspects that are involved while electing a person and also to be impartial while electing.

Students in college can understand the requirements for forming a union team; they can share the responsibilities accordingly. The election procedure for student unions in college paves a pathway for nominating for elections in politics to govern a place in the state. Elections are important in selecting the right candidate who can perform the duties with proper responsibility and in a legal manner.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Election

Why is election important for a Democratic Country?

Elections are important to select the right candidate for governing the state and country. The election process helps in removing the illegal practices done by the political leaders. Common people have the power to decide who can rule their state.

What is an election short note?

The process of choosing a group of people to hold public office is known as election. It is done by the common people to choose the eligible candidate for governing the particular place or the whole state.

How are elections conducted in India?

The members of Lok Sabha (House of the People) or the lower house of India’s Parliament are elected by citizens of India who represent their respective constituencies. Every adult citizen of India with legible voting rights can vote only in their constituency.

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