Essay on Father’s Day

When children request their mothers for permission to go to a friend’s house or go on a school picnic, the usual reply from mothers would be to ask their fathers. This is enough to explain the importance of fathers in our lives, as each member of the family relies on them. This short essay on Father’s Day will help your children understand the worth of their fathers.

While children consider their fathers to be superheroes, some of them think that fathers carry a strict attitude and do not show their feelings outside. As such, their value and role are not appreciated much when compared to mothers. But, this is not right as fathers have equal importance as mothers, as they try to provide the best for their children. To cherish our strongest supporter, let us make our children write an essay on Father’s Day.

Importance of Father’s Day

Though it is a custom to celebrate Father’s Day, the celebration takes place on different dates in different countries. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year in India to commemorate the sacrifices and selfless contributions that fathers have made to our families. Even though the first word that a child utters would probably be ‘Maa,’ the influence of a father in their life would be so huge that the father becomes their role model. From giving us pocket money to solving our problems, fathers always have our backs, and their protective hands keep us safe from dangers. So, it is only ideal that we celebrate Father’s Day to appreciate his presence in our lives.

This essay on Father’s Day focuses on aspects that make us proud of our fathers. Our fathers work day and night tirelessly just so children can live a comfortable life. If we express our wish to buy a new toy, our father may deny it initially, but he would surprise us by giving us that same toy some days later. In this way, he will strive to fulfil our wishes and dreams.

If our mothers are quick to scold us for any mischief, our fathers would join our mischief and take our side. Whether it be in taking important decisions or giving suggestions and personal advice, our father’s role in our lives cannot be measured. Hence, it is good to thank him for his efforts and presence, for which we celebrate Father’s Day.

Celebrating Father’s Day

Let us understand how Father’s Day is celebrated throughout the country in different ways through this short essay on Father’s Day. It is more of a personal celebration where fathers and children enjoy the day together. The bond between a child and a father is very strong, and children express their love for their fathers on this special day.

Making cards and showering them with surprise gifts is one way of showing your gratitude to them. We can also plan a day out with him by taking him to his favourite restaurant or giving him a spa treatment. Even schools and colleges organise many cultural programmes on this day so that fathers and children can spend time together. By teaching us good and bad, fathers occupy a special place in our hearts, and we must cherish their presence by celebrating Father’s Day with great enthusiasm. Let us discover more essays for kids on our website and make them knowledgeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we celebrate Father’s Day?

Fathers play an important role in our lives whose efforts, sacrifices, and contributions are not acknowledged properly. We sometimes take their role for granted; hence Father’s DDay is perfect for children to realise and celebrate the worth of their parents.

How can we make Father’s Day memorable?

Nobody knows our father better than us. So, it will be easy for us to plan a surprise for him. By spending time together with him, going shopping or picnicking, you can celebrate the day in a memorable way.

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