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Labour Day is celebrated to spread awareness about the hard work and achievements of the labourers. Every country has its way of celebrating Labour Day, and it is celebrated on different days. But, the majority of the countries celebrate it on May 1. Hence, this day is marked as International Workers Day. The essay on Labour Day is important for children to understand the labour class and their role in society.

Origin of Labour Day

The concept of Labour Day started with the rise of industrialisation. In those days, industrialists took advantage of the labour class and made them work for more hours and paid less money. They were compelled to work in tough conditions and paid a meagre amount. People who worked in mines and other factories suffered from health problems due to overwork.

Looking at the work exploitation by the industrialists, the labour class collectively fought for their rights and the discrimination they have been facing over the years. As a part of this struggle, they formed a union and protested against the improper work culture. They even went on strikes to convey their seriousness about the movement. Considering all these points, the government reduced their working hours to 8 hours per day. Hence, we celebrate this special day as Labour Day.

In India, Labour Day was initiated in Chennai on May 1, 1923, by the leader of the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan, Comrade Singaravelar, who conducted two meetings in Madras, present-day Chennai, to celebrate this event. The first meeting was held on Triplicane Beach, and the second meeting was held at the beach opposite Madras High Court. The leader approved a resolution that indicated that the government should announce a national holiday on May Day or Labour Day in India. A red flag was hoisted in India for the first time to mark Labour Day.

Labour Day is important because it also explains the dignity of labour to everyone. It also teaches that every profession should be treated the same and must not be disrespected. In Ghana, Labour Day is celebrated by the trade unions and labour organisations by organising parades all over the city. They put up banners and posters to mark the importance of the day.

Significance of Labour Day

Labour Day is celebrated to make the workers realise their strength and the way everyone should be respected in society. It is important for them as it gives them the self-confidence to continue their work. This one-day celebration gives workers the satisfaction of being recognised in the world.

Celebrating Labour Day helps them feel motivated and work with rejuvenated energy, thereby providing success to the company and themselves. Labour Day also helps them know their rights and policies involved in work, making them feel secure.

As Labour Day is celebrated by the majority of the countries, it gives a sense of pride to the labour class and makes them understand their importance in society. Self awareness is important for any practice to be understood in society.


Labour Day is also marked as a symbol of revolution against the torture and exploitation that was done to the workers by the capitalists. The day impresses upon us the importance of fighting for our rights. Hence, it is an important event that we should celebrate humbly and with a cheerful heart.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Labour Day

What is the importance of Labour Day?

May 1 is celebrated as International Workers’ Day or Labour Day by workers and labourers across the world. This day is celebrated to encourage them to be aware of their rights. The day has started in the labour union movement, specifically the eight-hour a day movement.

Do we work on Labour Day?

Labour Day is one of the most common paid holidays worldwide. The majority of employers give their employees Labour Day off. On the other hand, few businesses still run on this day. Large organisations are more likely to have some employees working on Labour Day than small businesses.

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