Essay on School Picnic

Any child would jump up with joy if they get to say bye-bye to their lessons at least for a day. Studying all day would make them dull, and hence, children must be given a day for relaxation and enjoyment outside their classrooms. School picnics are eagerly awaited by children of all ages as it is the day when they get to make merry without the fear of getting scolded by teachers.

Here is a short essay on school picnic that gives an idea of how the day would be spent and in what all activities your children would participate in. An essay on school picnic would take your child back to those good memories and relive happy moments. You could also ask your kids to write an essay on their school picnic by referring to the given sample.

Experience of My School Picnic

One fine day, our class teacher announced that we were all going for a school picnic next week. There were shouts of joy in the classroom, and I have been dreaming about the day ever since I got permission from my parents. Finally, the day arrived, and I got ready with excitement as my mother packed my bag with many delicious foods. My father dropped me at the school by 7.30 am, and we began our journey on our school bus with two teachers and 50 students.

This time, we went to a zoo and park, which was only a little far from our school. First, we visited the zoo, and our teachers bought our tickets to enter the zoo. As soon as we entered, we could hear the chirping of birds, roaring of lions and hissing of snakes. There was a wide walkway in the middle, and on both sides, they had huge cages in which tigers, birds, monkeys and snakes were kept. While it was fun to watch dancing peacocks and mischievous monkeys, I was scared to go near the cage of wild animals as they made frightening noises.

By noon, we gathered around an old banyan tree to have lunch, and we happily ate the meal served before us. Afterwards, we boarded the bus to go to the park. Once we reached the park, we had a jolly time as the teachers played along with us and bought us icecreams. We also played on the slide, swing and merry-go-round in the park. When it was time to leave, teachers called us, and we got onto the bus. Before we reached school, we sang songs and danced to the music on the bus. On the whole, it was a memorable and enjoyable school picnic.

Moral of the Essay

School picnics create lasting memories in the minds of children, which makes it essential to send them for such refreshing activities. The laughter and amusement they get while on a school picnic cannot be equal to anything. Even though such picnics seem unimportant today, they would have a greater impact on children in the future. So, let us help create a beautiful day in their lives through this short essay on school picnic.


What do you understand by the term picnic?

A picnic is a day spent with your friends or family outside your home. It is to take a break from your busy lives and enjoy a day in the company of your near and dear ones.

What all things to pack for a picnic?

Carrying food is a great option, and you can make a bundle of snacks and cakes to eat along the way. You could also carry a blanket or long sheets to arrange food and seat yourself. Besides, taking some handy games like cards or boards would add fun to your picnic.

Which places are the best to go for a picnic?

Since picnics are usually one-day activities, it is best to choose nearby places like parks, zoos, gardens, museums or beaches.

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