Essay on Tree for Class 1

Trees are a natural source of oxygen. They provide balance in nature by supplying food and oxygen to living beings. They are a direct source for proper rainfall, which provides water. Trees are the source for providing shade to all living beings and provide resources to the living organisms in multiple ways.

This essay on tree for Class 1 emphasises on basic understanding about trees and their functions and benefits to children.

Life Cycle of Tree

The tree life cycle consists of 5 stages. They are:

  • Seed: This is the initial stage of a tree where a seed is sown in the soil. Proper supply of water is given to the seed for it to germinate.
  • Sprout: The seed with the proper supply of nutrients germinates into a sprout, which is a minute structure with one small twig and leaf.
  • Sapling: The sprout develops into a sapling that is a mediocre plant with minimal support to bear leaves and the tiny root structure.
  • Tree or mature plant: The sprout further grows into a mature plant, also known as a tree. This tree is a fully grown structure with leaves, fruits, a strong trunk and a completely grown root that is beneath the ground.
  • Elderly tree: The mature tree finally develops into an elderly tree with no further development. At this stage, the tree leaves start to wither, and slowly the tree loses its strength and at last loses its life.

The above image depicts the various stages of tree development. Clear and detailed information about trees is available at BYJU’S website.

Different Kinds of Trees

Trees are majorly classified into two categories: Coniferous trees and Deciduous trees.

Coniferous Trees:

These trees are also known as evergreens as they are available throughout the year, providing ample greenery and oxygen. The shape of these tree leaves is of needles. Examples are Pine, Fir, Spruce, and Cedar.

The coniferous trees provide safety to living beings from strong winds during winter. These trees are the shelter for many birds, specifically during winter.

Deciduous Trees:

The deciduous trees are also known as hardwoods that shed their leaves in autumn. These trees have varied shaped leaves like oval, star and heart according to the region of their growth. Examples are Oak, maple, and willow.

  • Trees are the major source of food, water and oxygen.
  • Trees maintain balance in nature by supplying oxygen and helping in proper rainfall.
  • They are the first source of home for all living beings. Trees provide shade during extreme weather conditions.
  • The majority of living organisms depend on various parts of the tree, like fruits and leaves, for food purposes.

Hence trees should be protected, and deforestation should be eliminated completely to maintain the balance in nature for future generations.

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