Essay on Women’s Day


The most beautiful creation in this world is a woman. A woman is known for her selflessness, caring attitude and multi-tasking ability. Every woman has a gifted talent to perform various tasks and satisfy everyone’s needs. She is known for her strong mental power, along with her physical strength. In any given situation, she pulls herself together and bounces back with double strength. In India, she is given prime importance, and people worship her as a God.

People celebrate Women’s Day to acknowledge women’s work and sacrifices in life and assure them that everyone is with them in any situation. The essay on Women’s Day is important for children to learn about women and respect them as the first person they see in their family is their mother.

Roles of a Woman

A woman plays various roles in her life right from her childhood. She initially grows up herself and turns into a sister looking after her siblings; at a young age, she shares her mother’s responsibilities and helps the family. Once she is married, she turns into a wife and daughter and plays the most important role in her life as a mother. In the present generation, women are managing both personal and professional life. She looks after the tasks given at the workplace and finishes on time. In her personal life, she satisfies everyone’s needs and is important for maintaining harmony in the family. Hence, a woman should be given the key importance and treated with respect.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is marked worldwide every year on the 8th of March. This day represents the rights of women and the importance of women in the world. The battle for equality and the rights of women started a century ago, and the fight continues to date. Society has been male-dominated for a long period; hence it is important for women to make their stand and remove the discrimination. In India, the Ministry of Women and Child Development is responsible for solving the problems of women. Despite passing various laws to protect women, discrimination still prevails in society. There should be a change in people’s mindsets to bring a change in society. Self awareness is the key aspect of solving any issue in society.


Kids learning about Women’s Day helps them understand the importance of women and how they should be treated with love and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions on Women’s Day

What is the importance of Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is celebrated to mark the achievements made by women in every aspect of their lives. It also sends a message about eliminating discrimination against women in society.

What are the values of a woman?

Women are the values of peace, justice, compassion, and inclusion. Women hold these values irrespective of their profession or religious beliefs.

Why is it called Women’s Day?

Women’s Day denotes the anniversary of the great women’s march that took place in 1956. On this day, women marched to the Union Buildings to protest against the carrying of passbooks.

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