Human Rights Essay


Human rights are defined as the rights that every person is entitled to. These rights are designed for the development and protection of every human irrespective of caste, gender, and economic status. Human rights essay teaches children about rights in a detailed manner.

Types of Human Rights

Human rights are categorised into two types: Civil and Political rights, and Social rights.

Civil and Political Rights

These rights are designed in relation to the government. These rights keep a check on the government activities, which may hinder the independence of normal people. According to these rights, every person has the chance to involve with the government and determine the laws too.

Social Rights

Social rights are mainly for the well-being of the people. Government should check if the welfare activities are being conducted properly in their constituency or not. This helps to maintain the harmony between people and the government.

Importance of Human Rights

Human rights are designed for the welfare of people. It always ensures the safety of people and provides justice to every person. The main purpose of these rights is to make sure the government does not take any harsh steps towards the people. Human rights also speak about freedom of movement, freedom of thought, and freedom of speech.

These rights allow every single person to speak about their actions and their thoughts for the welfare of society. Every person can also raise their voice against any wrong practices in society and make sure it is resolved permanently by the government.

These human rights have ended the brutal activity of slavery in the world and made sure every person gets paid for their work according to the government norms. It also helps the common people to seek the help of the court for justice.


Human rights are very much needed for removing the discrimination of people and maintaining harmony in society. It also aids in the smooth functioning of the government. These rights build a trust factor between the people and government by addressing every issue in society.

Frequently Asked Questions on Human Rights Essay

What are the 5 basic human rights?

The main human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education.

What human right is most violated?

The Article 2 (the right to be free from discrimination) in the United States and deemed it the most violated human right nationally.

What are some examples of human rights abuses?

The examples of human rights abuse are:

  • Child Slavery
  • Forced sterilisation for disabled underage girls
  • Forced vaginal examinations of women in Afghanistan.
  • Uganda’s “Anti-Gay Bill”

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