Importance of Trees Essay

The main source for the supply of food and oxygen is provided by trees. Trees are the natural resource for all living beings to survive. Apart from being the main resource, they also provide natural immunity for surviving against dreadful diseases. The importance of trees essay is required for the children to learn as they will understand the need of trees and value tree protection against deforestation from childhood.

The knowledge on the importance of trees inculcates a positive attitude in children to protect nature and enhance knowledge about trees and their benefits.

Trees maintain a balance between the environment by producing proper rainfall, which keeps the Earth in optimum condition. Removal of trees, i.e. deforestation, leads to various imbalances in life such as Global warming, improper water source.

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Factors Dependent on Tree Plantation

Global warming

Trees inhale carbon dioxide from the air and exhale the fresh oxygen, which is the main source of life for all living beings. One of the major components of greenhouse gases is the carbon dioxide that is inhaled by trees. When all the greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, they increase the atmospheric temperature resulting in global warming. Trees play a major role in subsiding this level of global warming. Hence, tree plantation should be done as a routine in everyday life.


A rich and healthy ecosystem is because of the presence of trees. The ecosystem includes animals, birds, insects, and microorganisms, and all these are dependent on trees for their survival.

Maintaining a balanced ecosystem is a key factor for the wellbeing of all living organisms. Hence, tree survival is important.

Water Balance

Water is an essential resource for the survival of living organisms. Trees trap the rainwater, and they supply it to the living organisms accordingly. Due to the presence of trees, rainwater is not wasted into drains, hence preventing floods and soil erosion.

Importance of Trees

Trees play a major role in the survival of living organisms as they maintain a balance in the environment. Protection of trees is of high importance in the present situation as there is already a lot of damage due to the increase in global warming, irregular rainfall etc.

Children should be taught about the importance of trees and the advantages of the plantation of trees. The benefits of every part of the tree should be explained properly to children to make it a regular habit of planting trees.

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What are 5 benefits of trees?

The benefits of plantation of trees and protecting their survival are:

  • Protection from floods and soil erosion
  • Proper rainfall
  • Reduction in global warming
  • Balance in ecosystem
  • Improvement in the availability of natural and clean air.

What is the importance of trees essay?

The trees are important as they are the sole reason for the survival of living organisms on Earth. Trees provide air to breathe, water to drink, and shade to protect. Trees also provide medicinal herbs that protect all the living organisms from diseases.

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