Lohri Festival Essay


As Indians, we are fortunate to be born in a land of diverse cultures. The splendour of living in a country like India is that we get to know and celebrate different festivals of various states year long. Lohri is an important festival, which is celebrated in the Indian state of Punjab on 13th of January every year. Just like Punjab brings the memories of colours and fun, the Lohri festival is nothing less than a happy occasion where there is light, dance and music.

This Lohri festival essay in English will keep your children informed about one of the most significant festivals of India. Even though it is the main festival of Punjab, other North Indian states like Haryana and Himachal Pradesh join the celebration, which makes it important for students to have an idea about the Lohri festival.

Celebration of Lohri

The Lohri festival is celebrated to mark the end of the winter season. It is also called the harvest festival, where people create a bonfire and dance around it to celebrate the harvest of crops. Being a festival that brings together friends and family, Lohri holds a special place in the hearts of the people in Punjab. Through this Lohri festival essay in English, we can understand that the celebration of Lohri begins days before the actual festival.

Both children and elders in the family prepare for the great bonfire in the evening by collecting wood, nuts, popcorns and peanuts. In the morning of Lohri, kids go around the houses singing traditional songs. It is during the late evening when the bonfire is lit that the real fun and celebration of Lohri begins. After offering prayers and performing certain rituals, people gather around the bonfire to sing and dance. Even while enjoying themselves around the bonfire, they throw seeds, popcorns, and puffed rice into the fire.

While Dhol and Bhangra are part of the Lohri festival, it is the delicious dinner and a sweet prasad that is made from sesame, jaggery, popcorn and peanuts that completes the Lohri festival. Moreover, people dress in their best attire and exchange gifts and sweets. The Lohri festival essay in English thus helps your kid to know more about this harvest festival.

History of Lohri Festival

The Lohri festival essay in English also talks about the history of the festival, which is ingrained in the legend of Dulla Bhatti, a rebellious warrior who revolted against the Mughal emperor. He was known as the Robin Hood of Punjab as he robbed money from the rich and gave it to the poor. The legend also says that he saved many girls from the slave market. As he was executed for his actions, people paid their tributes to him by singing around the bonfire. This later became a tradition, and it is to observe his good deeds that people celebrated Lohri every year. You can provide your children with such simple essays from BYJU’s for them to learn and grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people celebrate Lohri?

People in Punjab celebrate Lohri to bring the winter season to an end and welcome the advent of the harvest season. The festival is celebrated to mark new beginnings.

What are the main rituals during Lohri?

People wear new dresses and gather around the bonfire for a small prayer in the evening. Afterwards, they sing and dance as well as throw popcorn and puffed rice at the bonfire. They will have varieties of food and sweets to eat and also exchange gifts with the family.

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