Mango Tree Essay

Mango is considered as the national favourite fruit in India. It is a seasonal fruit which has the harvest period during summer. Mango is consumed by the majority of people around the world, and all age groups enjoy it. Mango tree essay is useful for children to gain knowledge about mango and its health benefits.

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Origin of Mango

The origin of mango took place in the Indo Burma region, and the first cultivation happened around four thousand years ago. Mango is treated as royal fruit due to its beauty and availability. The average lifespan of a mango tree is 40 years.

Features of Mango

The harvest period of mango in India is between April and May. The tree formation is umbrella-shaped with an average height. In the present farming, bonsai mango trees, which can be grown in pots, are also available. The bark of the mango tree is dark and thicker. Leaves are large and dark green in colour. The leaves are used both for medicinal purposes and for cultural purposes in India. The branches of the mango tree provide ample shade, which serves as the home for many birds.

Benefits of Mango

Mango fruit is consumed in both raw and cooked forms. Various dishes can be made using mango and are edible to store throughout the year. Leaves of mango are used for festive occasions as it evades negative energy and remove unwanted pests inside the house. Mango fruit has many medicinal qualities, like it reduces excess cholesterol, cures other ailments like blood pressure, kidney stones, etc.


How do you describe a mango tree?

The mango tree is erect and branching with a thick trunk and broad, rounded canopy. The leaves of the tree are shiny and dark green. Mango leaves are in elliptical or lanceolate shape and consist of long petioles and a leathery texture. The tree is known for its dense clusters of flowers with cream-pink petals on branched panicles.

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