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Presenting here My Ambition in Life Essay for kids which will help them in framing a simple and impressive essay on my ambition. 

People, including children, often come across questions on their aim or ambition in life, what they aspire to achieve or what they dream to become. Such questions are as pertinent to children as they are to adults. 

Given below is a very interesting essay on My Ambition in Life of becoming a doctor. You can also download these 10 lines essay on my ambition in life in a free colourful PDF format, through the link provided below.

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My Ambition In Life to Become a Doctor Essay For Kids

My Ambition in Life Essay

  • My name is Aparna Gupta and my ambition in life is to become a doctor.
  • According to me, becoming a doctor is one of the most challenging but satisfying professions.
  • Doctors are the saviours of our community. They pull people out from a life-and-death situation and give them a new lease of life.
  • Whenever people face major or minor health issues, they visit a doctor.
  • In times of crisis and pandemics, doctors and health workers are the people who save millions of lives.
  • In our country, health services need a lot of attention and manpower. We need more qualified doctors, nurses and health workers.
  • I would like to create awareness among people about how they can be physically fit and prevent diseases.
  • In order to become a doctor, I will study Biology with utmost sincerity during my higher studies.
  • I am confident that I can and I will realize my ambition. I will relieve people from pain, stress and injuries. I will cure them and spread hope.
  • I aspire to become a competent doctor one day and support my nation in becoming healthier and stronger.

The above-given My Ambition short essay for kids explains the reasons why a child might be motivated to become a doctor. A doctor is considered to be an equivalent to God. There are multiple instances where doctors have saved people’s lives and have given them a second life by treating them. My ambition essay will assist kids in pondering over and jotting down their thoughts about their aim in life. 

A Short Essay on My Ambition in Life

I have always dreamt of becoming a doctor, and over the years, my ambition has not changed. It has remained the same. I aspire to become a doctor to serve the whole nation and humanity. Ambition is an incentive for a person to work hard and achieve success in school and later in life. Ambition is what we want to achieve in our lives, and what propels us to work hard to achieve it. Ambition is the driving force that makes us work hard to achieve our goals. How a person feeds ambition depends on their likes and dislikes and circumstances.

My ambition is to be a good doctor and heal poor and needy people The goal in life is not to earn a huge income, but to build a hospital to treat the poor and the sick. The desire to become an important person and be good to others is not only a dream, I want it to become a reality in my life. I aim to become a person who focuses completely on work. My life’s goal would be a doctoral thesis.

Why is it important to have an ambition- an aim in life? Why are people encouraged to have goals? 

Ambitions give our lives meaning and direction. We know what we want to achieve and we work towards it. Else our lives will be spent without any purpose. People may have several kinds of ambitions in life like becoming an IAS officer, an author, an artist, a politician, a social worker, a doctor, an engineer, an astronaut, a singer, a dancer, a homemaker, a social worker, etc. 

There are numerous professions which one might want to take up. It’s about finding your passion and the reason(s) why you want to fulfil that ambition.

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