My Favourite Animal Lion Essay


The lion is a wild animal that lives in the forest. It is known as the king of the jungle due to its huge features and ferocious appearance. The body of the lion is strong, and it consists of four legs, with a large mane for male lions, two eyes and a tail. The glowing nature of its eyes makes it appear like a dangerous animal. Its loud roar and incredible hunting skills are the primary reasons for its aggressive behaviour. The essay on my favourite animal lion, explains various characteristics of lions. The biological name of the lion is Panthera leo.

Characteristics of Lion

The physical features of lions consist of large eyes, four legs, a large head, and sharp teeth. The presence of small greyish hair all over the body makes its appearance attractive. A cub i.e; the baby of the lion, has dark spots all over its body that gradually fade away with age. The lion uses its sharp teeth and claws to capture prey. Male lions and lionesses weigh an average of 130 kg and 190 kg, respectively.

Lions are mainly found in forests, but they can also be seen in zoos, sanctuaries, and national parks. There are around 10 species of the lion in the world. South African lions are the largest, and next are the Transvaal Lions that are large in size. Initially, the lions were found in Eurasia, Africa, and North America.

A group of lions is called pride. The number of lions in the group varies between ten to forty. This group usually has one or two adult males, while the rest include lionesses and cubs. Males of the pride are responsible for protecting the cubs, and the group against other wild animals, whereas the females are responsible for hunting.

Preserving the Lions

Lions are currently listed as endangered animals because of large-scale hunting by humans for their skin, bones and mane. Lions are also kept in zoos, away from the wildlife, and used in circuses for entertainment. Therefore, lions must be protected from being hunted down and killed by humans. Kids learning about lions helps them know their behavioural characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the lion my favourite animal?

The lion is a wild animal and is considered one of the strongest animals. Due to its huge size and ferocious appearance, many people admire its gracious appearance. Hence it a favourite animal.

What are interesting facts about lions?

Interesting facts about lions are:

  • They can weigh similar to a 30kg stone
  • They are spotty in their young age
  • Males’ magnificent manes have a gracious appearance
  • Cubs are reared together

Explain the lion’s behavioural characteristics?

Lions are known for maintaining their territories and continuing in the same area for generations. Females protect their territories against other females, while resident males protect the pride from rival coalitions. Territory size depends on prey abundance, as well as access to water and denning sites.

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