My Favourite Book Essay


A storybook is a series of short stories which describe the various events that happened in one’s life and how they handled it. These stories come with morals that teach the values of life. Book reading is a good habit that children should get into. Books give the ability to understand things easily and visualise them accordingly.

Book reading is important for children as it improves their focus, memory power, and communication skills. It also helps them deal with mental health and stress as they undergo pressure during their studies and handle other activities at the same time. Book reading gives children the strength to handle situations independently and keep them busy from not having any avagations.

As book reading is one of the key factors for one’s success, it should be inculcated in them from childhood. My Favourite Book Essay helps children to analyse their ability to form a story about the things which they like as it improves their vocabulary and communication skills.

My Favourite Book

During my childhood, Television did not have many channels with cartoon shows like the present generation for entertainment. Hence, kids of my generation used to look for various sources for entertaining themselves, such as outdoor and indoor games, craft making, and book reading.

I developed a book reading habit along with playing games with my friends as it is the best way to pass the time and develop knowledge. My favourite book till date is “Panchatantra”. It is a comic storybook that involves mythological stories. The stories also involve animal figures speaking with other animals and solving their problems. This story propagates good ethics and habits one should carry throughout their life. Panchatantra storybook is mainly about the problems one goes through and the ways they have to deal with. I remember one of the stories from Panchatantra, which consists of a hare and tortoise living in the forest. Hare always has the confidence that it can run faster and outbeat other small animals. Looking at Hare’s overconfidence, the tortoise gave a challenge of finishing the race first. Hare laughed at this and started for the race; in the middle of the race, the hare took a rest as it assumed the tortoise wouldn’t finish it before the hare. The tortoise took the race steadily and finished the race. The moral of this story is to avoid overconfidence and be humble with everyone.

Stories like these build good qualities in children and pave the way for a bright future. Hence it is my favourite book. Children should always have a book which they can connect to all through their life.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favourite Book Essay

What are the 5 benefits of reading?

The 5 benefits of reading are,

  • Reduces stress and helps in relaxing ourselves.
  • Improves the concentration and memory power.
  • Vocabulary expansion and strengthens the writing abilities
  • Enhances knowledge
  • Increases the imagination and creativity

Why are books important?

Books are packed with knowledge, and they teach life lessons; they teach about hardships, love, fear, and every little thing that is a part of life. Books have been available for centuries and contain the knowledge of our past civilisations and cultures.

Why do people like books?

Books are the greatest things on earth. Most book lovers love books better than other people. People love books, as they are reliable and informative, and they’re the best companion at all times.

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