My First Day At School Essay

My first day at school speaks about the fascinating experience at school every kid has. Children always look forward to having new experiences. These experiences stay with them for the lifetime and help in building their future. My first day at school essay provides kids with the knowledge about sharing their experiences with others by using appropriate sentences.

My first day at school essay teaches about how to handle new situations after leaving the comfort zone at home. Every new experience teaches children both good and bad sides and makes them analyse both the incidents.

Experience of My First Day at School

As a kid, when I attended my first day at school, unlike other kids, I was very happy looking at new kids at a new place. I bid my parents goodbye, not knowing the fact that I won’t be able to see them the whole day. I assumed it to be another amusement park where I would return home after an hour.

I was confused seeing other kids crying and not leaving their parents’ hands. I went inside the school, and my headmistress took me to my class and introduced me to my class teacher and other kids in the class. This made me feel special and happy too.

After an hour, I took my bag and started to walk out of the classroom to meet my parents. My teacher then explained to me in a calm way that I needed to stay in the room for the whole day. I felt bad about it but got engaged in playing with toys and other kids in the classroom.

The whole experience was shared to me by my parents as I don’t remember everything as I was a kid then. It made me realise how we are open to welcome new experiences being a kid and how we think twice about doing the same after we are grown up.

Moral of the Essay

My first day at school essay teaches about an important lesson in life that we should be strong and brave enough to handle new situations. It also tells about being accustomed to new people and location.

Children should be taught these values at an early age, and parents should allow their children to explore new things and communicate with them openly. In the present generations, children have vast scope to explore; hence parents should take the initiative to communicate about children’s priorities and help mould them in the correct manner.


Why is the first day of school memorable?

Everyone usually remembers their first day of school because it is a new experience for us completely. It is the first time every person steps out from the comfort of their home as kids, so it will be memorable.

Does every kid have a memorable first day at school?

Every kid need not have a memorable experience on their first day at school. Everyone’s experience is different from each other; some kids enjoy it a lot on their first day, while some who are shy or feel homesick don’t enjoy it that much.

How do kids feel on the first day of school?

Some kids feel nervous or a little scared on the first day of school because of all the new things: new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a new school. On the other hand, these “new” changes only stay around for a little while.

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