My Pet Animal Essay


Animals are lovely creatures that have special characteristics for their survival. They have a high level of sensitivity and react well to any sudden changes in their environment. Animals are domesticated and raised as pets. A pet animal is raised by human beings for their comfort and love. The most common animals that are raised as pets are dogs and cats. These animals show the utmost loyalty and care towards the human beings who raise them. My pet animal essay in English helps children know about the characteristics of pets and the reason why some people choose to have pets. Children should understand the importance of animals and the role they play in everyone’s life. Parents must encourage children to indulge with animals to create a bond with them.

My Pet Animal

Since my childhood, I have always longed to have a pet for myself and play with it. I was always fond of having a puppy because of its cute appearance. I started to convince my parents to adopt a dog, but my mom was reluctant to accept it, whereas my father immediately agreed to it. After several talks with mom, she accepted, and we bought our dog home. I named it Scampy. It was a pomeranian breed, and I loved it to the core.

I took the responsibility of taking care of Scampy without disturbing my studies. I took him for a walk daily in the morning, and my friends in our neighbourhood also joined me to play with scampy, as it was friendly with everyone. Once we came back from the walk, I used to give him a good bath and food. The reason I loved Scampy was because of his cheerful nature. I shared my food with Scampy, and he ate the food happily. Scampy loved playing fetch the ball with me, and it was a daily routine for us to play after I returned from college.

Scampy used to make a grumpy face when I left home for college. He would walk behind me for quite a distance to accompany me. He used to stay at the same place till evening and would run towards me upon seeing me. My mother, who was sceptical of adoption, was very fond of our dog. It changed our lives and made me busy with its activities. My mom no longer felt lonely once all of us left our home for respective work.

Scampy made a mark in our lives and is no longer treated as a pet animal but considered as a family member. It was tough for me to leave him for my education purpose to pursue my bachelor’s in a different city. I got the biggest surprise of my life when my parents visited me along with Scampy for a couple of days. My pet animal essay is an experience to share with others about the bond children share with their pets.


Pet adoption is the best way for giving a decent life to an animal. It helps them to stay safe, and in return, it protects the people who are raising them. Awareness should be created in society about pet adoption and safeguarding the animals. Kids’ learning about pets helps them to make friends with others and allows them to socialise in society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to live with a pet?

Pets love us and keep us company. Owning a pet comes with many responsibilities, and it is a fantastic way of learning how to take care of something. Pets are beautiful and loyal.

Why should we keep pets?

There are many health benefits of owning a pet. Dogs help humans in maintaining their physical and mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, loneliness etc. They are known for their true companionship and provide the utmost moral support when needed. Hence, it is always beneficial to have pets.

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