Patriotism Essay

If you love your country without any conditions and are ready to support your country, no matter what happens, you are considered to be a true patriot. Patriotism is a feeling that develops inside people who take great pride in one’s country and would go to any lengths to defend it from enemies and assist its people.

The patriotism essay in English is an excellent way for you to express your interest in your motherland and show how you intend to become a patriot. It is not hard to write an essay on patriotism, and the below paragraph would help you create one on your own.

Experience in Patriotism

I have come across the word ‘patriotism’ many times in school, but I didn’t quite understand what it meant. Even at home, my parents watched war movies, and I used to wonder how leaders and common men fought for their country without caring about themselves. Gradually, I took a fancy to such stories and people. But it was when I learned about India and its freedom struggle my love for my country doubled.

I have frequently heard the names of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Bhagat Singh associated with India’s freedom struggle. The way they served their country selflessly inspired me. I realised that their contributions have significantly made our country better, and I feel honoured to live in such a country where people come together for the common good of uplifting our nation.

We often have a misunderstanding that we need to die for the country for us to become patriots. But this is not true. Patriotism means we serve our country in whichever way we can and support its development. And sometimes, on the way, we may have to sacrifice our lives. I am proud to serve my nation and will take any opportunity to enhance my patriotic spirit.

Patriotism gives out a good feeling of brotherhood and shared harmony. Despite this, we see a decline in the patriotic spirit in this generation. We must not put out our love for our country and instead make use of our school platform to nurture patriotic feelings in students. Only when we respect our country can we work diligently towards it.

Moral of the Essay

This patriotism essay in English shows how we can express our patriotism either by doing good in society or joining the army. Irrespective of the profession we choose, there is always a means by which we can display our loyalty to the country. We must not feel bad for being patriotic because it is an essential sentiment that we should possess to see our country succeed. With many notable personalities who have given up their lives for the country, it would be special to write an essay on patriotism.


What does patriotism mean?

Patriotism is a devoted feeling one has for one’s country, which motivates one to serve its people without any demands. For some, it may mean fighting for India’s freedom and development and for others, patriotism is present in the act of helping communities.

How does patriotism help build a nation?

When people with patriotic spirit come together, there is a sense of unity and belongingness within them, and they would strive to eliminate the problems in the country as if they were their own. Since they have the best interests in their country, they would put in their maximum efforts to build a stronger nation, thus highlighting the importance of patriotism.

In what all ways can we show patriotism?

You do not have to sacrifice your life or become a political leader to show your patriotism. By becoming responsible citizens, understanding our basic rights, standing up for virtue and eliminating corruption, you would be showing the true enthusiasm of a patriot.

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