Planting Trees Essay

Trees are the natural resource of food, shelter, and water. Tree plantation is the main requirement for maintaining a balance in the environment. Planting trees has many benefits to all living beings. Planting trees essay provides knowledge about the importance of trees to children.

Benefits of Planting Trees

The various benefits of planting trees are:

Environmental Benefits

The tree plantation helps majorly to the environment as it reduces the pollution and other toxic gases in the atmosphere. Trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which helps the living organisms to breathe for survival. Planting trees helps to increase the oxygen level and reduce the unwanted gases. Finally, it helps in decreasing the global warming effect.

Social Benefits

Trees provide ample shade to all living beings with their bushy leaf structure. People can use the shady trees for relaxing and making small picnics with their family. Children should be taught the importance of planting trees as it helps the future generations to have a natural habitat. Parks should be developed with medicinal trees that aid in removing toxic gases from the atmosphere.

Economic Benefits

Planting trees not only provide toxic-free air but also help economically. Trees are the source for the production of wood structures, resin, rubber, honey, fibre, etc. Trees provide economic support for humans as they are the source for many industries.

Tree Plantation Benefits to Children

Planting trees is beneficial to children as it keeps them engaged in natural habitat, which helps them improve their immunity. By planting trees, children will know the various parts of a tree physically rather than just gaining knowledge about trees through books. Children will also know about the medicinal properties of trees by engaging in tree planting activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is planting trees important?

Trees are the major source for a clean environment as they improve air quality by producing oxygen and inhaling carbon dioxide. The roots of trees hold the soil firmly, which aids in fighting erosion that are responsible for landslides.

Why is tree planting important for the environment?

Trees are the major source of livelihood for human beings. Other living creatures depend on trees for their food, shelter and survival. Hence trees should be planted and protected for future generations.

How can planting trees protect the environment?

Trees help a lot in protecting the environment. They reduce the global warming effect by reducing the toxic gases in the atmosphere. The speed of winds is also reduced by trees, and cool air is supplied by reflecting the heat back through their leaves.

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