Road Accident Essay


In the present generation, there is a huge increase in the population. Due to this, the usage of vehicles is increasing every day for commuting purposes. A vehicle has become a necessity for everyone rather than a luxury. Due to this increase in vehicle usage, accidents have also increased simultaneously.

Road accident essay educates children about the various reasons for road accidents and gives detailed information about the mishaps which have increased in the present time.

Causes for Road Accidents

There are various reasons for road accidents, such as:

Driving over the speed limit and unable to control it when required.

In some situations, due to the smog effect, it is hard to see the things in front and accidents happen due to this.

During the night, when there is a problem with the vision, lots of accidents happen.

Nowadays, there are a lot of issues with ‘drink and driving’, which are the main reason for road accidents as they do not understand the way of driving due to high levels of intoxication.

Due to the increase in population, roads have become narrower, which makes it tougher for people to drive properly, resulting in accidents.

Methods to Prevent Road Accidents

Road accidents can be prevented by the involvement of the government and people.

Role of Government

Government should impose strict rules against overspeeding, drunken driving, disobeying the traffic rules etc. Thorough checking should be done on the people driving vehicles as a huge number of reports are registered against minors driving the vehicles.

Role of People

People should be aware of the driving rules, and they should strictly follow the road safety rules. Parents should educate their children to be responsible while driving and maintain rules of driving. Parents should not allow their children to drive when they are minors. Instead of using personal vehicles for work, people should use public transport for commuting which reduces road accidents to a maximum extent.


Road accidents have increased in the present generation due to rash driving and irresponsible behaviour by people. Every person should be responsible, including the pedestrians, as they should properly check about the vehicles while walking on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions on Road Accident Essay

What is the solution to road accidents?

People should always wear helmets, seat belts and other safety equipment prior to driving a bicycle/motorcycle/vehicle. Speed limits should be maintained while driving.

What is the most important rule of using the road?

The most important factor to consider when on the road is to check for a proper place to walk and look for incoming vehicles. If any, anticipation is a must about the speed of the vehicle.

What is the most common cause of road accidents?

The most common cause of road accidents is due to distraction. Not paying attention while driving and being busy with other work leads to road accidents.

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