Social Issues Essay

In the present generation, people are leading a busy life, and they are facing various issues in it. One of them is social issues in society. Social issues essay speaks about the different social issues that are faced by people in the society and how everyone should be responsible for it.

What are Social Issues?

A social issue is a problem or condition that affects large numbers of people within a society that needs to be addressed. There are many issues in the society that are of major concern:

Child labour

Child labour is considered as one of the serious issues in the society. Various countries are continuing this practice of hiring children for domestic work that affects children both physically and mentally. This practice should be addressed on high priority and removed completely.


The poverty issue is being faced by the entire world. Poverty leads to many other negative effects in society. Proper ways should be implemented by the government to eradicate this and meet every person’s needs.


In the majority of the developing countries, dowry is still treated as a part of marriage, and this creates a huge impact on the society that leads to various other problems like killing girl children. Child marriages are also practised in these countries.


This is a serious problem as people without literacy would not know how to deal with the actual problems, and people easily cheat those who are illiterate. Illiteracy affects the personal growth of people as well as the economic progress of a country. Some countries are gender-biased on literacy and only allow males to study.

The above problems should be addressed immediately and removed permanently to maintain harmony in the society.

Ways to Address the Social Issues

Government should impose strict actions against the people who are following these illegal practices and educate them about the negative effects of these practices. People should also be responsible for any social issue happening in the society. Social awareness should be created in the society, and programs should be conducted by the government with the help of educational institutions.

Non-profitable organisations should join with the government and work towards the welfare of the society by conducting awareness programs on social issues and helping people who are facing these issues.


Social issues have become a barrier to a country’s development. These should be eradicated completely. Both government and people should take the responsibility to eliminate the major social issues like poverty, illiteracy, dowry system, child labour etc. Children should be taught about these bad practices in society and ways to prevent them from happening to others.

Frequently Asked Questions on Social Issues Essay

How do social issues affect society?

Social issues adversely affect our society and the country’s development towards success. It creates a discrimination with others. Hence it has to be addressed on top priority.

Why are social issues important?

Social issues are important for maintaining harmony in the society. If they are addressed, people will act responsibly and be peaceful with everyone.

How do social issues affect students?

Students face hardship to educate themselves and move towards success if they face these social issues. It impacts them both mentally and physically. Students who are weak mentally tend to attempt suicide due to these issues. Hence it is a good idea to provide support to students and bring confidence in them to lead a normal life.

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