Time and Tide Wait for None Essay

You might have noticed that the waves never wait for anyone, nor can you try to hold it as it would fall back as the next wave comes in. Similarly, the clock never stops ticking, and time is always running without rest. This explains the great phenomenon of life, where time moves forward at its set pace, and it is us who has to make use of it wisely.

We cannot merely put in words how important time is but this time and tide wait for none essay in English will give you a perspective on it. The following short essay on time and tide wait for none will help your kid realise how time plays a significant role in our lives.

Experience of Time and Tide Wait for None

It was not long back when I started appreciating the role of time in my life. Earlier, I had the habit of skipping my assignments and keeping them to the last day of submission. My parents always told me to prepare a timetable and complete my assignments at the earliest. But I never listened to them as I wasted my time playing instead of doing my duties.

Even though I was always successful in turning over my assignments on the last day, my laziness caught me one time. As usual, I waited for 3 days to complete my assignment, thinking that I would have time the next day. But when the last day to submit arrived, there was an unexpected power cut at home which lasted till the next morning. As I was not able to work on my assignment, I became nervous about getting scolded by my teacher in class. Suddenly, I wished I had more time to complete, and I felt like stopping the time then and there.

But sadly, I realised that time would never wait for anyone. We will also not be able to go back to a particular time as the lost time is gone forever. If we do not utilise the time we have in the best possible way, we will be regretting the things we could have done or achieved. Just like how we wish to stop the time when there are happy moments, we want the time to move fast when something bad happens. However, we cannot change the time as we wish. The only way is to enjoy the pleasant memories and believe that difficult situations will go away in time. So, live as if each moment is precious and think that today is better than tomorrow.

Moral of the Essay

It is clear from the above time and tide wait for none essay that we must always be prepared to grab any opportunity that comes our way and to never delay our duties as we would be crying over the lost time if we are unable to complete something. Hence, we must plan accordingly and be organised in whatever we do. This short essay on time and tide wait for none teaches us the value of time by making use of it appropriately.


Is there any truth in the saying, time and tide wait for none?

Yes, it is a universally accepted truth that time and tide do not wait for anyone. As we cannot grab the tide and prevent the flow of water, we are also not able to stop or fast forward the time as we wish it.

Why is it said that we should make use of time wisely?

Time is always, ticking and it does not wait for our convenience. Everyone is given 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, and nobody gets any extra days. But sometimes, we make the mistake of wasting our time, which we might regret later. Hence, to avoid such situations, we must plan carefully and utilise time effectively.

How can we use time appropriately?

To utilise time appropriately, we must first stop delaying and start completing the tasks at present. We must also not hesitate to take up any opportunity and do not push it away, thinking that we might get another chance someday.

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