Travelling Essay

Travelling, in simple words, is to travel from one place to another either on a vacation purpose or on an official purpose. Travelling always gives new experiences which can be either good or bad. Travelling essay helps children learn about other places and explain about their experiences in travelling.

Purpose of Travelling

The main purpose of travelling is to re-energise themselves and be open to new learning. A new place has its own culture and lifestyle that has been followed for ages. It is a good practice to learn this new culture and propagate it to others. Visiting a new place always imbibes new energy and excitement about the place.

Travelling involves a lot of mental work and time management. It teaches about the importance of time as every place has its own way of visiting to enjoy the most. One can learn how to manage time and cover every place in their route of travel. Travelling also teaches about mental work as it shows how to tackle unwanted surprises and unknowing adventures which come by during travelling.

Benefits of Travelling

Travelling involves a lot of benefits such as:

  • Travelling opens one’s ability to handle situations in a new environment and adjust accordingly.
  • In the present generation, road travel has become a trend. This helps people to connect with others of a different locality and know them better apart from how they are shown through various media platforms such as news, social media, etc.
  • Travelling instigates independent nature, as every decision or work needs to be done by themselves.
  • In a few scenarios, travelling aids in providing mental peace as it makes people move away from their everyday life.
  • Money and time management can be learnt from travelling as budget and time can be organised before the travel.
  • Travelling makes a person strong both mentally and physically.


Travelling is always a good idea to replenish oneself and make a fresh start in their life. Travelling teaches many valuable lessons for everyone and makes a person complete.


Why is travelling essential?

The most important part of anyone’s life is travelling. It gives a break from everyday stress and gives a boost to make a fresh start.

Why is travel important for youth?

Travelling is important for youth as it imbibes important life skills needed for leading a successful life. Travel provides an opportunity to meet new people, enables them to experience new cultures, and teaches them to adapt to new environments.

What is the best thing about travelling?

Travelling opens a person to a varied set of issues and opportunities. A person returns from travel by knowing themselves better and with a fresh perspective on what is required to live.

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