Wonders of Science Essay

What is Science?

Science is a study that involves experimentation and analysis to determine the results based on the study. The science study is divided into 3 branches: Physical sciences, Biological sciences, and Social sciences. Wonders of science essay explains about the various stages of science development and its uses to mankind.

Stages of Science Development

Science plays a pivotal role in the improvement of human life. It makes life easier as there is technological advancement through science. In the early days, there was an irregular supply of water and electricity. Science has created sources for continuous electric supply by using air and water. The development of science resulted in the invention of electric fans, lights, mobile phones, air conditioners, making everyone’s life easier.

The major development of science has happened through its involvement in the preparation of medicines which are life saviours of every living being on Earth. Science has pioneered the production of vaccines for every new disease that is recognised and develops medicines accordingly to fight the dreadful diseases. The current advancement of science is the usage of robotic technology and providing implants of hand and leg for the impaired people that help in mobility.

Wonders of Science

Science has proven to work miraculously and resolve every challenge that occurs in human life. By using water, uninterrupted electricity is provided to the rural areas. Medical science has undergone unbelievable improvements. Blood transfusion and organ transplantation are the major improvements that have happened in the field of science. Diagnosing medical problems has become much easier with the help of the invention of X-Ray, Ultrasonography, ECG, MRI, Penicillin, etc.

Science has helped people get connected even being miles apart from each other. Food production has increased with the usage of technical aids. Science has indulged in entertainment supply by inventing the radio, television, etc. With the combination of electricity and automobiles, electric vehicles have come into use, which reduces the dependency on petroleum. The Harvesting machines, tractors, manures for improving soil strength, good quality seeds and many innovations and discoveries of science aid in the production of a good quality crop by farmers. The designing industry has seen much progress in cloth-making with the invention of machines useful for designing clothes and aiding in bulk production.

In this way, science has helped mankind in many ways in making their life easier. It is hard to think of leading a life without the intervention of science.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wonders of Science Essay

What are the roles of science?

Science is treated as one of the most important channels of knowledge. It has a specific role, as well as a variety of functions that aid in the improvement of society, like creating new knowledge, improving education, and increasing the quality of our lives. Science must respond to societal needs and global challenges.

What is the impact of science on society?

Scientific knowledge is an increasingly important resource in society. Science contributes to the functioning of democracies, drives innovation and aids countries to be competitive in the global economy.

How science made our life easy?

When scientific discoveries are combined with technological developments, they have resulted in the machines which are making our lives easy to manage. From household appliances to cars and planes, all are the result of science. Science has made it possible for farmers to save their crops from pests and other problems.

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