World Population Day Essay


The most important factor that makes a country move towards development is its population. In today’s world, the main challenge that everyone is facing is the increasing population and the depletion of the sources for survival. To understand the reason for the increase in the population and address the population growth, we celebrate World Population Day on July 11 every year.

Children should be taught about the World Population Day essay in English to make them understand the importance of the increase in the population, as it affects various other factors and hinders the growth of a country. The World Population Day essay helps children understand the importance of economic development rather than the population increase. The event was first started by Dr. Zacharia during his role as a demographer in his term at the World Bank. During his governance, the population crossed the five billion mark. In 1989, the governing council of UNDP (United Nations Developing Program) decided to mark July 11 as World Population Day. Since then, the day has been observed for over three decades in various ways by all the participating nations of the United Nations.

Importance of World Population Day

The main purpose of World Population Day is to create awareness worldwide about the consequences of expanding population growth. It is important for people to understand the effect it can have on the environment and the development of the world.

Overpopulation results in the reduction of natural resources, leading to the non-availability of resources. Hence people should be vigilant in using them and safeguarding them for future generations.

Governments are also taking the initiative to spread awareness about the rapid increase in population by using World Population Day as a platform. The UN Population Development, along with the UNDP, work on par with various other countries and agencies to spread the message about the increase in population. These organisations plan and implement various programmes to educate people and aid in decreasing global overpopulation. Essay writing on World Population Day helps children get a bigger picture of the rise of the population.

Activities on World Population Day

The governments organise various activities to create awareness in society about overpopulation and its threat to future generations. Sharing about overpopulation through news, social media, and other publishing resources can spread words faster through these mediums. Schools should organise small skits and other activities on this day depicting its impact on the future generation.

Self-awareness about everyday problems and how it carries to the next generation is the key point to overcoming the problem. Hence everyone should be vigilant. Governments should organise programmes and telecasts on television to promote awareness about overpopulation.


Overpopulation is a serious problem in the present generation, and both society and government should work together to solve this problem completely. If not, future generations will face the scarcity of resources, and the earth will no longer be a livable place. Kids learning about short essay on World Population Day should be educated to children and create awareness in society.

Frequently Asked Questions on World Population Day

What is the importance of World Population Day?

World Population Day is marked every year on July 11. The main purpose of this day is to create attention regarding the issues arising from the rising population around the world.

What is the slogan of World Population Day?

A specific theme for World Population Day is arranged every year, and the theme of World Population Day 2021 amid the pandemic is “Rights and choices are the answer: Whether baby boom or bust, the solution to shifting fertility rates lies in prioritising the reproductive health and rights of all people”.

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