Karnataka Board Class 1 Maths Textbook 2021-22

Class 1 Mathematics is a very challenging subject dealing with topics that practically connect you to the real world. Learning it can also be tricky. So, the best resource is the KSEEB Class 1 Maths Books. The Class 1 Maths Textbook of Karnataka State Board contains illustrations that help the students to connect Mathematical concepts with real life situations. Teachers are also expected to take over the role of a facilitator and create a constructive learning environment with the help of the illustrations from these Karnataka state board books.

KSEEB Class 1 Maths Book 2021-22

Some major concepts covered in the Karnataka Board Class 1 Maths Textbook includes Spatial Understanding, Digits, Zero, Subtraction, Money, Time, Patterns and much more. Students can access the Karnataka Board Class 1 Maths Textbook in Kannada and English from the links given in the table below.

Download Karnataka Board Class 1 Maths Textbook – Kannada & English Free PDFs

There is also the list of chapters given in the table below.

1. Spatial Understanding
2. Solids Arounds Us
3. Digits (1-9)
4. Zero
5. Addition (Sum not more than 9)
6. Subtraction
7. Number 10
8. Units And Tens
9. Number 11 To 20
10. Addition (Sum Not More Than 20)
11. Subtraction (Difference Not More Than 20)
12. Number 21 to 99
13. Mental Arithmetic
14. Money
15. Length
16. Weight
17. Time
18. Data Handling
19. Patterns

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