Curved Line


A curve line is the one that is not straight and is bent. If the curvature is not zero, it is considered as a curve line. Ideally, it is smooth and continuous.

curved lines

You see curves everywhere around you. Be it art or decoration or a general thing, curves can be seen around you. Curves were initially called as lines. To clear the concept of line and curve, they started calling line as straight line. Now the straight line and curve are different.

It is mostly used in the graphical representation of functions. It is one of the vital topics in Math.

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curved lines

Difference Between Straight and Curved Line

Straight Line

Curved Line

A straight line is the shortest line which joins any two points.

It always moves in one direction.

A bent line which is not straight is called Curved Line

It doesn’t move in one direction.

Examples of curved lines

There are many examples of curved lines like the alphabets – C and S.

Example of Curved Line

Types of Curved Line

  • Algebraic Curve
  • Transcendental Curve

Algebraic Curve – A plane curve where a set of points are located on the Euclidean plane and are represented in terms of polynomials is called Algebraic Curve. The polynomial’s degree denotes the degree of the curve.

C = {(a, b) ∈ R

2: P(a, b) = 0}

Transcendental Curve – This curve is different from the algebraic curve. This curve might have many intersecting points which will be straight. These might also have an infinite number of inflection points. It is not a polynomial in a and b.