Square Root Formula

Square root formula is a formula that needs to be remembered for solving any kind of problems where the square root needs to be calculated. The square root can be represented by a radical symbol, that denotes the square root of a number. It can be represented by “√ “

To find square root of any number, take the number and find out the equivalent multiples that equal the number and pull out the square root from it.

A few square root examples are:

  1. To find square root of 169

√169= 13*13, thus 13 is a square root of 169

  1. To find square root of 400

√400= 20*20, thus 20 is a square root of 400

These are a few instances of square root examples. The best way to go around solving square root problems, is by the square root method. We can utilize this method bydividing the number that we need to find the square root of and finding the perfect squares of it.

For example let’s try to find the square root of 400. Let us start by dividing the number into perfect squares by hand, we know that 400 is a multiple of 100 and can also be divided by 25. With a little more mental calculation we also know that multiplying 25, 16 times would lead us to achieving the square root of 400.

√400= √25*16

= √25*√16

= 5*4

= 20

Thus, these are some of the examples of square root numbers and we can go around solving problems using this method, for solving square roots. Some of the major points that need to be kept in mind to solve problems are:

  1. Prime Factorization: Using Prime factorization one can easily find the factors, which are basically a set of numbers that we use to multiply together to get the initial number.
  2. Square Roots: After the process of Prime factorization, moving on to find the square roots of the number is important and this can be found through the square root factors.
  3. Simplifying square roots: Once the square roots have been found, the next step is to simplify the square roots that we have found. Sometimes the factors that we get would not be perfect integers, thus we need to get the most simplified square roots for any number.
  4. Reducing the number to its lowest common factors: The factors obtained for finding square roots, should also be converted into the lowest common factors.

Thus, these are some of the methods for finding the square roots of numbers. For more square root related articles, you can find the Square Root Property Formula.

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