Volume Of A Pyramid

What is a Pyramid?

A pyramid is a structure whose outer sides are triangular and converge to a single point on the top. The base of the pyramid can be triangular, quadrilateral or in the shape of any polygon.

The most common type of a pyramid is the square pyramid i.e., it has a square base and four triangular faces.

A typical pyramid looks as follows:

Volume Of A Pyramid

What is volume?

Volume is the space enclosed by any close structure.

Calculating the volume of a rectangular pyramid:

Volume of the pyramid can be obtained using the formula given below;

Volume = (B × h)/3

Where, B = Area of the base

H = height from base to the tip of pyramid


A rectangular pyramid has a height of 12 meters. If the sides of the base measure 4 meters and 6 meters, what is the volume of the pyramid?

Solution: As, the base is a rectangle, area of the base = 4 × 6 =24 m 2

Volume of the pyramid = (B × h)/3

= (24 × 12)/3 = 288/3

=  96 m 3

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