Sample Question Papers For Class 10 Maharashtra State Board

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education conducts the SSC exam twice a year. The total number of students who appear for the main SSC exam is around 17 Lakh. There are about 21000 SSC schools under the Maharashtra Board. To excel with good marks students need to study with dedication and hard work. Sample papers give them an idea about the different type of question asked in the exam. Students should be well prepared to tackle the various complex questions in less time. A thorough practice of these sample papers will definitely help them achieve good marks in the SSC exam. Therefore, we have provided PDFs of sample papers so that you can download and constantly practice them before appearing for the Maharashtra SSC Board exam.

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A ray of light from a denser medium strikes a rare medium at angle of incidence i as shown in figure. The reflected and refracted rays make an angle of 90 with each other. The angles of reflection and refraction are r and r'. The critical angle is